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Where in the project are we today Update: March 9, 2016

Initial talks with various groups in DC for fundraising events are in progress and being worked on so we can hit hard for donations. If you would like to make a donation to this effort or know of a corporation who may be interested in making a sizeable contribution please visit our Donate page or call or email us.

HSPIG has completed PHASE I which was for the soil samples, engineering studies and various engineering items that were required by the US Navy prior to approval. HSPIG is now in PHASE II the funding portion for the creation of the Statue itself, this phase is projected to be about $250,000 dollars.  After PHASE II has been completed and the statue is in place we will have additional phases to provide the site with a Gazebo (PHASE III) area for the CNO to meet and greet people. PHASE IV will be the overhead pergola that covers the area for seating, PHASE V will be the landscaping and the natural planting, electrical areas. All of these phases can be done by sponsorships, if you or your company or organization would like to sponsor one of these important projects please contact us to discuss the details. The Bridge will be our last phase and we are looking for support from the Army Corps of Engineers and other various services to lend a hand here as well as corporate sponsors. All sponsors will have plaques on each area that they supported to memorialize the great efforts of sponsors for the project. Lastly a fund for future maintenance of the memorial as required for official monuments. While these projects seem large compared to other similar projects; this entire effort is required to meet strict requirements of the WNY because of the historical significance of the WNY and complex engineering designs as well as the difficult area design issues and the area of construction along the river. The re-design of a raised bridge for the base also imposes many challenges for the project.

Man In The Sea Memorial Monument Overview

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