Man In The Sea Legislation

We are happy to announce that the House of Representatives has drafted H.R. 165 to be the house version of the Man In The Sea Memorial Act, thus legitimizing this project and making it a Memorial Monument that joins the other famous memorial monuments in our nation’s capital. This bill is now in committee and will gain co-sponsors and then be passed on to the Senate for final approval. Since this project is using no "Public Funding" we expect that the president will sign this into law within the next few months. But as we all know, congress works at their own pace so we are not going to make any solid promises for a date of passage on this YET!

If you would like to see the Bill, click HERE

House Resolution 6367
Senate S.Con Res 46
House H.Con Res 87

House H. R. 165

Also we had verbiage in the 2012 & 2013 NDAA that talked about the Memorial.







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